It’s Over Let it Go

It's Over Let it Go 1 This picture was sent to me on Facebook and all I could do was laugh because it spoke volumes to me. I am beyond happy that the election is over. The campaign ads were not only depressing me but my kids. It has been over a week and while the commercials are gone many lawn signs remain. What are they hoping to accomplish by leaving there?

We need to start a campaign that requires politicians to donate a  percentage of their campaign funds to charity before they can use it on advertising. Just imagine how many families could be fed with the millions of dollars spent.

Did you place a sign in your yard and is it still there? Be honest:)


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  1. DjRelat7 wrote:

    LOL, I didn’t have a sign in my yard but if I did it would probably still be there. The amount of money spent on these campaigns made me sick, to think that’s what they do with it, a bunch of junk mail and some of the commercials made me sad. There has to be something better to do with that money. How about whichever campaign who can raise the most money to donate to charity wins 🙂

    Posted 11.16.12
  2. Rachee wrote:

    I Still have my bumper sticker. It’s staying until I find something I love better. Or run another race.

    Posted 11.18.12

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