Is your teacher doing your child justice?

Do you ever wonder if your child receives the attention they require from their teacher.  Even in a small class where we would assume attention is equally dispersed, humans do not start and stop by some internal clock.   If it were possible to track a teachers attention throughout the school day how much time would your child receive.   I don't mean if your child is by far the most intelligent in the class nor the most disruptive, but just that average child at school really willing to learn.

Is your teacher doing your child justice? 1What I have realized is there is a very old way of thinking in academia, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”. If your child isn't a squeaker, guess who has to be.  If the teacher knows ahead of time that you are going to make an inquiry soon they will adjust their behavior to pay more attention to your child.  That sounds simple enough right.  It is just scheduling an extra teacher conference.  But what I'm proposing is something a little more tactful.

You actually need to schedule this on an ongoing and frequent basis. You don't want to annoy the teacher, but you want them to realize that they are there to help your child reach the goals, that you as the parent, has set.  If you get to the point of getting responses like “yup still doing well,” pause and consider why you are getting a canned answer.  Your child's success in early education is dependent on a good mommy being an excellent educationally based parent.

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