I’m RadioActive

radioactiveJust kidding. So much has happened since I last updated you.  My trip to the University of Penn was great and upsetting but luckily the good clearly outweighed the bad. The Surgeon, Dr. Julia Tchou was wonderful. She explained what all the results meant as though I was hearing it for the first time which was wonderful as I had my mom with me. Who knew that my mom would come with a list of at least 20 questions. I was happy that the doctor was able to answer each one with ease. The doctor felt my pain when I explained that I felt like something needed to be happening especially since Triple Negative is an aggressive form.

The plastic surgeon left a sour taste with me and I have every intention of sending her a note.  She entered the room with an attitude and even though I explained that my last visit with a plastics person was not informative she still chose to give me the abbreviated version.  I think it was even more heart breaking that I held high hopes because her name was Liza- my daughter's knick name.  Guess I should have had her say her name first because she pronounces it like Leesa.  All hope is not lost as I meet with a new person this week.

Back to the radioactivity. The wonderful surgeon who agreed that we needed to take action connected me with a medical oncologist. The oncologist took action immediately to get me set up with chemotherapy in the event that we could not find a surgery date before September.  The oncologist introduced me to some clinical trials.  As a scientist, I know trials are a great way to go not only because it allows the researchers to find a cure but also because most of your testing is covered by the trial budget and it is quick. No sooner than I had finished with the oncologist was I set up with a string of test to determine the best course of action.

bone scanThe first test was a bone(SPECT) scan. The scan requires an injection of radioactive dye. This dye(tracer) has to circulate through your system for 3 hours before they can perform the actual test.  The tracer appends to active tissue allowing the doctors to pinpoint any areas of concern. The technician entered the room carrying something that looked like it was from outer space. She explained that it held the “potion” and it was in this crazy apparatus for the safety of the workers. I guess they figured I already had something foreign in me so it could not hurt. I felt a slight chill as the “potion” was injected.  The scan itself was pain free. I did hate the fact that it truly invading my personal space and required that I remain still. This process has been a test of being still and I am happy to report that I am winning….

I went from the table to an awaiting car filled with my family as we were heading to Myrtle Beach!!!!

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