Homework Without Tears

The lazy days of summer are gone. We are now organizing school supplies, meal planning, updating calendars and preparing for homework. Yes, I said it- Homework. It is synonymous with school much like recess.

Homework does not have to be a bad word or bring tears to your eyes, if you approach it the right way. I believe the key is to get ahead of it from the very beginning. Here are a few tips that have helped me.

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  • Right before the school year starts, I look at the next grade's website to see what was assigned especially any special projects. We all know how that paper gets misplaced and you discover it the day before the project is due.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher(s) via email prior to back to school night and offer any assistance. Make certain they know you appreciate them and want to partner to make your child even better.
  • Attend back to school night. Ask lots of questions especially about the homework.
  • Utilize websites and/or apps  like Khan Academy and photomath* to assist with science or the “new math”.
  • Stay connect to the social websites that your school uses such as My Big Campus or Schoology.
  • Create a command center that has everything your child needs to complete their homework including a reliable internet connection like Verizon Fios.
  • Discuss the various assignments with your child everyday to make certain that they have an understanding. I often have my kids teach me something from their homework.
  • Don't me afraid or embarrassed to reach out and ask for help. Phone a friend.

What ways to you avoid homework tears?

PS. Photomath is a new app that I discovered that makes math easy. Using your phones camera you take a picture of the math problem. It gives you a step by step solution. We used it for our summer math and the kids loved it. It does have its downfalls.

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is part of a campaign that I am participating on with #FiosPhilly but all thoughts and comments are my own.

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