The Color Purple hits Philadelphia

Hopefully, this title is of no surprise to you because you have read the award winning book by Alice Walker and/or  have watched the Oscar nominated movie by Steven Spielberg. No matter what you know or have heard about The Color Purple, I encourage you to witness this musical first hand.

This week, Philadelphians have the opportunity to be awed by the moving story and amazing voices of this Broadway touring show. Set in rural Georgia between 1940 and 1949, this tale depicts the life a young girl, Celie, played by Adrianna Hicks. Celie was forced into marriage by her abusive father at the age of 14, to a husband whose goal was to use and abuse her. This marriage caused her to lose everything that she loved- the children she bore with her father, her sister Nettie, played by N'Jameh Camara and her sense of self worth. Her faith is shook because what kind of God would allow this.

The Color Purple hits Philadelphia 1
December 12-17, 2017 I Forrest Theatre (Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy)

Celie meets Sofia, played by Carrie Compere, and she leaves no stone unturned as she uses humor and her poignant voice to show Celie that women have rights and more importantly the right to say no. In fact, the actual response was “Hell No”. Sofia did not live the best life but she refused to let it keep her powerless.

The Color Purple hits Philadelphia 2
December 12-17, 2017 I Forrest Theatre (Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy)

Enter Shug Avery, played by Carla R. Stewart, who arrives with Celie's husband Mister (Gavin Gregory) in bad shape. Celie nurses her back to health and is in love with the powerful and confident woman that she is. Shug helps her develop a sense of worth and empowerment. Ultimately Celie defies the odds and shows everyone what she is capable of.

The Color Purple hits Philadelphia 3
December 12-17, 2017 I Forrest Theatre (Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy)

This is truly a story of redemption especially when you believe in yourself.  Perfect show to attend with friends or family. The “hard”scenes are presented in an easily digestible manner.


Wednesday, December 13th 7:30PM
Thursday, December 14th 7:30PM
Friday, December 15th 8:00PM
Saturday, December 16th 2:00 and 8:00PM
Sunday, December 17th 1:00 and 6:30PM


Tickets are on sale starting at $62.00. Tickets can be purchased by calling (800) 447- 7400, visiting telecharge.com, or at the Forrest Theatre box office. More information is available at kimmelcenter.org

Disclosure: I was gifted tickets to attend this showing but all opinions are my own.


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