Car Shopping or Root Canal

Car Shopping or Root Canal 1For the past few months, I have been searching for a new family vehicle. My Ford Explorer died and I think parts of me thought it was going to miraculously come back to life.  Well it is has been almost three months and I guess it is safe to say, I need to move on.  I started researching cars first based on my vain wants – 2013  All New Range Rover really caught my eye and then I happen to notice the starting price. Once reality hit, I knew I need to get something that was practical yet had enough space. The Yukon was next on the list but after test driving the truck and seeing the size of the tank plus the miles per gallon, I knew I needed to go back to the drawing board. I spend most of my day in the car and did not want to make the gas station my second home. I finally arrived at a minivan.

A minivan is in no way sexy. It does not say LV, Gucci, Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch but to me it says “smarty pants”. I was so excited at my decision that I told my father and actually attempted to buy it while my husband was out of the country. My father immediately said that I could not buy a car without my husband. Knowing full well what he meant, I immediately said “Why, not?  It took all I had to control my laughter because I knew he would give me the expected answer.  He raised three strong mind, willed independent women. I left that day laughing as I proceeded to find a great deal despite being a woman.

It has been almost three weeks and still no car. Part of it is that I really don't like car shopping and there just did not seem to be enough time to visit every dealer. I could not understand why I hated shopping.  I am truly a recovering shopaholic.  It hit me like  a ton of bricks as I sat in the VW Dealership of Jeff D'AMbrosia Downingtown and overheard the finance guy on the phone with a customer. He was explaining that they could close any loan no matter the situation. I guess the fish bought the bait as he hung up with a smile and then proceeded to talk about his new fish.  I left in disbelief after they attempted to sell me a dirty car.

Trying to make things easier I called all the dealerships who had the minivans I wanted.  Everyone was so pleasant on the phones but in person their true identity emerged.  Between the blatant lies at Conicelli Honda , the dismissive behavior at Sport Norristown , and the price increase at Northeast Car Connection I decided that maybe a root canal is not so bad and I hate the dentist.

I will be resuming my search this month with my husband in tow and I can't wait to see the responses. Do you think I will get better treatment with my husband?

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