The Bryant’s Have the Happys

rottieMy children were born into the world owning two dogs. Two Rottweillers to be exact. Baby and Cocoa were great dogs but as with most bigger dogs they went to doggy heaven way too soon.  They were great protectors and lovers of my family. It was a sad day when Cocoa passed and Baby later had to be put to sleep. Even though the kids were young they still talk about them like it was yesterday and constantly remind me that they want another dog.

Meet Maya and her Favorite Yellow Ball

Our lives are way too busy to even entertain the thought of a dog which is why I was happy to review the Happy's by ZhuZhu Pets.  These adorable interactive pets make a great addition to our family. They don't require walking, feeding or much attention which is great for me. The kids love that they can play with them whenever they want and teach them new tricks. These pint size pets come in an assortment of colors and truly seem to have a mind of their own.  The only downside is that they work best on hard surfaces and the kids have carpeting rooms.  My resourceful kids created a housing chamber for them so that they can run around their rooms.

Meet Maya, Our New Pet
Meet Maya, Our New Pet

The Happy's are available at Toys R'Us, Walmart, Target, Justice and Radio Shack.  They are the perfect addition to your family for Christmas.

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Cepia LLC and Mom Select. All opinions are our own.


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