Born in China is Disney Vault Worthy!

Born in China is Disney Vault Worthy! 1Documentaries have been a part of the human culture since filming begin, but I've never felt so connected to animals than Born in China.  Lu Chuan took me emotionally from viewing a snow leopard as a vicious predator to our family feline.   I was able to understand parenting from the subtle care needed to raise a Giant Panda to the dynamic hierarchical management of a savvy golden monkey clan.

I felt engulfed in my own perceptions of the difficulty of raising our two children.  Knowing the importance of encouragement without over indulgence, as one day they will need to fend for themselves in “the wilderness.”  Although separated by thousands of miles and evolution something about being a mother transcends everything.    Born in China uniquely finds exact moments of animal facial expressions and emotions to enable us to connect with animals on a personable level.   The cinematography is astounding as you transcend the ground of the panda, the trees of the monkey and the mountains of the leopard.
Then we also glimpse the Gillian's of the story.  In every society, including the animal kingdom, we have those that want what we have.   We tend to think that animals operate out of instinct than malicious act, but they moments that Lu Chaun capture may make you think differently.
Get your tickets today for this “must see” Disney Movie.
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Enjoy this fun activity guide with the family.

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