Beat the Heat with a Trip to Hurricane Harbor in the Nissan Armada

We received complimentary tickets for admittance but all opinions belong to us.

Everywhere you look people are complaining about the rising temperatures that have been disrespectful to say it mildly. In my neck of the woods, there has been a never ending heat advisory and most people dread going outdoors. As a busy sports mom of two staying inside is pretty much impossible. The kids practice lacrosse everyday!

Brown boy of lacrosse. headstrong lacrosse team
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All sports moms know how rare it is to have a summer weekend that is not on a field or in a gym. This has become the norm so we always jump at opportunities to enjoy local activities when we can.

Brown girl of lacrosse.
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Six Flags has been on the kids summer list and it made attending media day a requirement. Located conveniently between New York City and Philadelphia, it's an easy drive. We quickly packed some bags jumped in the Nissan Armada for a quick day trip.

Nissan Armada Trunk space with lots of things for the kids
growingbig | Life in Pumps Nominal Trunk Space with Third Row in Place

We breezed through the parking lot and quickly found a place to park. The security lines were moving but I forgot to read the park policies and never removed my bullet journal supplies from my bag. I laughed when security mentioned that someone might steal them out of my bag and deface the property. No bullet journaling for me during this trip.

Hurricane harbor six flags great adventure.
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Keeping the kids contained as we found a spot was no easy task. With it being above ninety degrees and humid they just wanted to jump on the first thing that would cool them down but I needed to make certain that we had a meeting spot.

Beat the Heat with a Trip to Hurricane Harbor in the Nissan Armada 1
growingbig | Life in Pumps Blue Lagoon

Calypso Springs was the chosen meeting spot as it provided an area out of the sun and was close to a few dining places. And on this particular day, it was easy for me to sit in the water and cool down while my thrill seeker kids decided what to do first.

Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls

It can be a struggle trying to entertain kids of multiple ages but Hurricane Harbor provided just the right amount of fun for everyone. There is something great about having bragging rights when you beat your sibling on the big wave racer.

Beat the Heat with a Trip to Hurricane Harbor in the Nissan Armada 2
growingbig | Life in Pumps Big Wave Racer

What to Eat?

We don't often make time to eat as playing is our goal but could not pass up the chance to try out Calypso Grill and some of the other snack places. It was great hearing them recant the excitement of the rides while snacking.

Calypso Grill Hurricane Harbor Six Flags
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Beat the Heat with a Trip to Hurricane Harbor in the Nissan Armada 3
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Beat the Heat with a Trip to Hurricane Harbor in the Nissan Armada 4
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What's it Cost?

The membership is of course the best way to go and at $7.10 a month for the base tier, you will see the savings after two visits. This option makes sense if you want to take advantage of special discounts on souvenirs, food and other items. This is where you get the VIP treatment

The season pass works best for the family that just wants to ride and doesn't care about food discounts or loyalty programs. It is priced higher but still pays for itself.

The single ticket only makes sense if you plan to go just one day the entire year. If you have thrill seekers, then you know that one day is never enough.

Just a Few Tips:

-Invite friends because everyone is trying to beat the heat. We invited a few as the Nissan Armada can hold up to 8 with plenty of room. The ride was smooth and no one was complaining!

Nissan Armada offers third row seating
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-Review the park map and plan out a few activities. This makes for a great discussion while driving. We allow everyone to pick one ride that we can't say no to.

-Bring a change of clothes because there will still be a few hours left to enjoy Great Adventure once Hurricane Harbor Closes.

-Set a meal time and budget. Outside food is not allowed so plan accordingly.

Have you been to Hurricane Harbor lately? Let me know your favorite attraction.

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