Are You Using the Parent Tool Kit?

I had a great opportunity to interview Dr. Kimberly O'Malley, a Pearson education expert-and mom to two boys about the Parent Tool Kit. We talked about some best practices to help our kids succeed in school this year. Involvement and technology were the repeated answers.

Involvement will always be the best way to help your child succeed in school. It leads to higher grades, better behavior, improved education and  increased confidence. Life is busy which sometimes causes an unfair shift in burdens. 78% of American parents agree that “Parents sometimes unfairly blame schools for things that should be the parents' responsibility~2015 NBC News Parent ToolkitPoll. The internet can play a huge role in changing this shift.

Technology as I have repeatedly stated is opening so many doors in education and I love how we can use it to stay connected in the classroom and at home. The internet can supplement lessons and allow students to  connect with teachers and their peers to share problems, develop situations and track academic progress.  The parent tool kit sponsored by Pearson allows families to connect academics, health & wellness, and social development using a simple tool on the internet or mobile app.

See the interview below as Dr. O'Malley discusses staying connected and let us know how you stay connected.

Disclaimer: I am a member of #FiosPhilly and use #VerionFios to connect to the internet and recommend you check it out

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