7 Ways Traveling Alone Can Change Your Life for the Better

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1 You discover more about yourself.

In a society where we’re rarely alone, especially if you have children, you may not realize how much time you actually don’t have to yourself. One of the biggest eye openers you get about this is when you decide to travel alone. You’ll soon realize what you like and/or dislike and how you react to things with no one else around. It’s natural that we become who we are with the help of those we spend the most time around, so it’s refreshing to see who you are without the outer influences.

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2 You get comfortable being alone.

In the same aspect of never being alone, once you begin spending time by yourself, you begin to get comfortable with it. I’ve seen people talk about the anxiety they feel when they’re alone and it’s all based on having never taken the time to do it. Traveling alone will help you become more comfortable with spending time by yourself.

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3 Traveling alone helps you meet more people.

Perhaps one of the most life changing benefits of traveling alone is getting to meet new people. When you’re out and about, you may be more prone to talk to others or vice versa. Depending on what you’re doing while you’re traveling, there could be more chances to “stop and smell the roses” (so to speak) and take extra time to make new conversations.

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4 Traveling alone helps you get over making excuses.

Imagine wanting to try something, but someone you’re traveling with says, “Ooh, girl I wouldn’t do that!” And then you miss out on a chance to try some exotic food. This isn’t the case when you decide to travel solo. It’s just you. You would probably be more willing to try that crazy looking food or get that henna tattoo if you were traveling alone. This shows you yet another facet about yourself.

7 Ways Traveling Alone Can Change Your Life for the Better 1
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

5 You invest in yourself.

How often do you pass up on getting yourself something or even indulging in something you’ve always wanted? Chances are your answer to that is an eye-opener itself. Most people who travel alone admit that they are more likely to invest in themselves because something just “clicks.” There is a peace and rejuvenation that happens knowing that you are taking time to enjoy yourself and allow yourself to do it.

6 Traveling solo helps you realize the power of silence.

There’s prayers, there’s meditation, and then there is absolute unhindered silence. Traveling alone gives you all of the above and as much or as little as you want. Contrary to a group trip, you won’t constantly have someone around you on a solo trip. Although it will most likely take some getting used to, you’ll quickly notice your stress levels decrease. Once you return to your busy life, you’ll remember these silent days and pursue them more.

7 When you travel alone, you realize how strong you really are.

Friends and family and will most likely hit you with one of two responses when you tell them you’re traveling solo – “What? I’m jealous!” or “Should you be traveling alone?” The truth of the matter is yes, you’ll be alone. You may get lost. There are times when you may want someone there to try a “first” with you. And you may get a little scared. But in the end, it all shows your inner strength while making you even stronger.

Final Thoughts

Traveling alone can – and will – change your life for the better. I recommend that every adult add taking a solo trip to their bucket list. Even if it's a one-nighter in the town over or a seven-day excursion in another country, it will be totally worth it. 

I’d love to hear from you. Have you traveled solo before? If so, where did you go? Let me know in the comments below!

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