7 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Quality sleep is essential and should bepart of your health and wellness routine. But the truth of the matter is most people get far less sleep than they require. You may be one of the millions of others who have learned how to live, work, and try to enjoy life on just a few hours of sleep, but you shouldn’t continue that way. Here are 9 ways to improve your quality of sleep and start enjoying life to the fullest. 

The Truth About Quality Sleep

Sleep is significant because it empowers the body to fix and be fit, preparing you for one more day. Sufficient sleep provides you with essential growth, tissue repair, and helps you to be more active. Overall, good sleep is a source of energy.

In the fast-paced environments we live in, people tend to get little to no sleep or poor sleep. If you need to improve your wellbeing or get more energy the natural way, getting a decent night's sleep would be a great start. Here are several practical ways to do just that.

7 ways to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Have a fixed time to go to bed.

Maintain a natural sleeping cycle by going to bed at a fixed time. This goal will set your body clock and streamline the nature of your sleep. Pick a sleep time when you regularly feel tired, so you don't become restless. Once you begin getting sufficient sleep, you should be able to awaken normally without an alarm.

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Decrease the light exposure in your room.

Now that most bedrooms are typically packed with TVs, alarm clocks, phone charges with blue lights, and other sources of light, these can add up to affecting your quality of sleep. Minimize all artificial light sources by unplugging any unnecessary resources and covering up ones that need to remain on.

Create a pleasant sleeping environment.

A pleasant space and a cool climate can help you have (and maintain) sound asleep. To accomplish this kind of environment consider lowering the temperature in your home. Make sure you have a mattress that compliments your body type and only have the number of sheets and blankets that keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Get plenty of exercise.

People who consistently work out tend to sleep better and feel less sleepy during the day. Incorporating some form of standard exercise can help drastically improve the side effects of sleeping disorders like insomnia. Getting and staying active can be beneficial for more than just getting good sleep, but can greatly impact your overall health and wellness.

Be mindful of the food you eat and drink.

Contrary to popular belief, your daytime dietary patterns initially decide how well you will sleep. You may already know that caffeine can mess up sleep, but what’s often not considered are the ten to twelve hours of energy thrust into the body system after drinking it! Stay away from drinking an excessive number of fluids in the evening to prevent waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. 

Scale back sweet food sources and refined carbs, and avoid late sugar consumption. Sugar is addictive and causes alertness since it triggers dopamine (the addictive hormone in our body).

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Relax your mind prior to lying down.

One of the top reasons for sleepless or restless nights is the ongoing thoughts that often plague a person’s mind. From things that happened during the previous day to thoughts of what’s on the next day’s schedule, it can make it difficult for the mind to shut off properly.

About 30-minutes to 1-hour before bed, try to rid your schedule of anything to strenuous, especially for your mind. Listen to soothing music to help wind down and consider adding incense, candles, and/or aromatherapy to create a more relaxing environment. There are also sheet sprays with fragrances intended to help you rest.

Seek professional help.

In the event you find yourself unable to have a good night’s rest after trying natural and home remedies, it may be time to seek professional assistance. A somnologist will be able to help you come up with better solutions that may require sleep therapy and/or medications.


Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, but sometimes there are changes that need to be made in order to improve your quality of sleep. Use the suggestions above to help you have more restful nights, energized days, and an overall boost in your health and wellness.

Seven ways to improve your quality of sleep.
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