Why a Summer Schedule Works?

IMG_0817Summer doesn't have to be stressful if you create a summer schedule for the family. If I let my kids they would probably spend every waking minute on  internet games, trolling YouTube or streaming Netflix and I will admit that I like having days where we do just that but I also know that this will turn their brains into mush.. Even though they complain, I know that they appreciate knowing the plan for the day because it allows them the freedom to get it done and reap the rewards. We have even themed each day to add to the fun:)

I keep the schedule simple and I try to make it fun. Here is what our typical day looks like:

8:00 AM- Breakfast

8:45 AM- Morning Stretch

9:00 AM-  Bryant school
Why a Summer Schedule Works? 1Why a Summer Schedule Works? 2

My son hates reading so I make him do that first while my daughter chooses between of math or reading.

I also use the Summer bridge workbooks to keep them engaged as the activities tend to me fun or their are websites that offer free sheets and a few that for a monthly fee have an entire summer curriculum.


9:45 AM- News of the day

Research what is happening in world news and explain its significance.

10:30 AM- Mid Morning Snack

10:45 AM- Journal Writing
Why a Summer Schedule Works? 3Why a Summer Schedule Works? 4

Together we created some daily prompts or we write about the news of the day. You can buy this type of book or create your own. I like that this one allows for pictures. I encourage drawing to combat writer's block. They are also allowed to type their entries and share them with family/friends via google docs.  My daughter's teacher encourages this and actually comments on some of the writings.


11:30 AM- Lunch and Recess

The joy of older kids is that they can prepare their own lunch

1:00 PM- Finish Math worksheets or Read

1:45 PM- Let's be creative

This is probably my favorite time block because it exist of arts and crafts, science and lots of games.

3:00 PM- Computer time

Research new recipes or food combinations- we plan our meals as a family and the kids have to prepare the list and I use this as a time to teach about budgets and being frugal

Research volunteer opportunities or create ones.

Visit websites like Khan Academy, Smithsonian Kids, or Code 

4:00 PM- Dinner

6:00 PM- Chore Time

7:00 PM- Free Time

Following a schedule has made my life so much easier and even afforded lots of quiet time. It allows us to manage expectations of the summer for the entire family while making time for fun. Does your family follow one?

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