When a simple snack turns bad

photoshake_1355971494198On most microwave popcorn packages, it says something like 3 – 3 1/2 minute or when the popping sound stops more than 3 seconds.   The best part of this cooking direction is it is “requiring” you to stay next to the microwave and take an active part in cooking.  BUT, most other foods do not have this GREAT warning.  As a result, it could allow someone to become overly dependent on the timer going off.  But every so often someone in our family, I will protect the NAME of the guilty person, hits the 5 minute button twice instead of the 1 minute button twice.

The “thing” that was suppose to an after school Mac ‘N Cheese snack turned out to be a smoked out, burnt smelling kitchen with this weird looking contraption in the microwave.    Remind your loved ones, that cooking in a microwave is just as dangerous as cooking on the stove.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay near the microwave to make sure everything is ok.

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