Wakanda Forever

Wakanda … I have never wanted to be home in Africa so bad in my life. Few movies have proactively
portrayed people of Africa and of African decent as powerful, giving and loving.

Growing up you would always see children playing super hero games. “I’m Superman! I’m strong as
steel… I don’t care I’m Wonder Women, I’ll use my lasso to hold you down.” What most don’t
understand is that no matter what you wrap around that, in order to be successful or powerful there is a
prerequisite image of being white. Not all children of this world are white. What about the other
children? What about my children?

black panther brown kids life in pumps
It is great to say, skin color doesn’t matter. But I have yet to see where it truly doesn’t matter. I
was able to share with my two beautiful brown children and a host of other brown families, that there are Black Super heroes. That even when you become successful, you can make a responsible decision to help those less fortunate, regardless of what your ancestors have done.

As a DisneyMom, today I was proud that Marvel and Disney are still willing to try to create heroes and
princesses for every child. Those in power do have a responsibility to tell the truth. And today that
truth is there is a hidden knowledge and strength across the African diaspora that could be used to
improve the oneness of the human being.

Disney Mom DIsney mickey mouse hat

See this movie as a family. Regardless of your background. You will see the normal marvels of human
strength that we’ve grown to love about their movies. You will see things beyond anything Tony Stark
could fathom creating. If you open your mind to the concept of the Black Panther, you will be changed.
Allow this movie to sink in and uplift you to the power of our Earth and the connection that we all share
to look after each other for the betterment of our global society.

Forever more good guys wear black, and our black children will have a black super hero to rally beyond.

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