Two Seater Dreaming with Cars.com


Gotta love rushing off in your car and noticing that the engine indicator is lit on the dashboard. This was me today as I dashed out the door praying to get to my destination only to realize I had no gas. My prayers worked as I got gas and made it safely to my destination.  I could only equate this to karma as I was eyeing cars yesterday while driving home.

I love my minivan, but want something smaller during those times when it's just me and my purse. My minivan is like a mobile home on wheels because I'm truly a packrat. Everyday, I add to the car and rarely take anything out unless it is immediately needed. Needless to say, I have over five pairs of shoes, clothing, kids stuff, blankets, chairs etc. My dad always remind me that my load is burning my gas. Just for today, I imagined what it would be like to have a two seater.

There is really no need to imagine because while in college my dad bought me a Fiero. He actually bought it for himself but I was the one who always had the keys. I had some great days in that car and had to laugh at the numerous times I would pile my friends in so we could all go for a spin.

After laughing, I found myself on Cars.com looking for “two seaters”. I don't like car shopping as I find it to be a stressful experience.  I was however please while searching Cars.com and I think you will be also. The website was very welcoming and extremely easy to navigate. You can perform a basic search by make and/or body or do an advanced search which requires more details.

What Do I Want?

There are thousands of cars available but which one will work best for you. Cars.com allows you to research vehicles of interest and then see a side by side comparison to really help narrow your decision. You can also find reviews and videos which are extremely helpful.

What Can I Afford?

You should never start car shopping with a budget and Cars.com allows you to determine your buying power. It's easy to get distracted by all the shiny cars when you enter a dealership but knowing what your money can buy and being focused helps to avoid buyers regret.

What's It Worth?

My minivan still has some good years ahead of her but I love that I can get an idea of what to expect if I decided to trade it in. Cars.com also allows me to create a classified ad in case I decided to do a private sale.

Browsing the Cars.com website made me feel like an educated buyer.  I'll continue to browse the website and although I probably will not buy a “two seater” until they go off to college, I will definitely be in the market for a new family car soon.



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