Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023

What will the wellness landscape look like in 2023? The Global Wellness Summit's “Future of Wellness” report (160 pages deep!), was revealed in the Remedy Place in New York City. These 12 trend predictions for 2023 offer insights on where wellness is heading.

The wellness industry has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years, especially as trends move more and more towards taking preventive measures to ensure physical, mental and emotional health. Incorporating health-conscious activities such as dieting, exercising, yoga and meditation into daily habits has become commonplace. And with more people understanding the importance of self-care, they are spending money on relevant products and services. As customer demand continues to rise, companies across the country have begun offering services catering to this new trend – even traditional healthcare services have adapted their business models in order to meet customer needs. With current trends showing that there is no end in sight for the wellness industry’s growth trajectory, there is still much potential for further innovation and expansion in the years to come.

Emerging themes: Wellness is shaking up loneliness and stepping into a world of social spaces, clubs & concepts. Technology-driven trends such as ‘biotech beauty' promise to take us beyond the murky depths of clean cosmetics. Meanwhile, multisensory experiences are revolutionizing urban landscapes & people everywhere are diving into wild waters!

Trends to Watch!

  1. Wellness + Gathering: Wellness Comes for the Loneliness Epidemic
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The pandemic has served as a stark reminder of the importance and power of social connections. In its wake, there is an increased desire to bring people together in creative experiences that foster meaningful relationships. It's no surprise then that we're beginning to see more ‘social wellness clubs' appearing – places where connection takes center stage and different types of wellbeing activities serve merely as bonding tools!

 2. WELLNESS + TRAVEL: From Global Smorgasbord to Hyper-Indigenous

Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 2
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2023 is the year for genuine authentic experiences, as travelers seek a much deeper connection with ancient healing practices like yoga and ayahuasca. Wellness tourism has taken on an important new dimension: seeking out local authenticity and immersing in Indigenous cultures to discover how they care for their land—and themselves. Travelers are taking their wellness journey off-the-beaten path.

3. WELLNESS + WORKPLACE: Workplace Wellness Finally Starts to Mean Something

Relax at work concept. Yoga mat in an office desk
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After decades of casual ‘lip service' to workplace wellness, it seems employees are finally getting the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, global data suggests that an overwhelming majority of knowledge workers (70%) have experienced burnout in just one year's time and many outright hate their jobs – a depressing statistic! Things may be shifting for the better though; with significant force from recent world events such as COVID-19 acting as catalysts towards improved employee health needs and mental wellbeing.

Say goodbye to superficial wellness at work schemes and hello to a workplace revolution! Employers are recognizing the importance of true balance, providing extended company-wide vacations as well as instituting “the right to disconnect” from emails after hours. Stressful situations such as menopause or infertility can now be discussed openly on an employer level; even psychedelics therapy is entering the scene through Enthea's upcoming ketamine benefit! The future looks bright for meaningful solutions in employee wellbeing – get ready for massive changes ahead in how we connect with colleagues both inside and outside of work.

 4. WELLNESS + BEAUTY: From “Clean” to Biotech Beauty

Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 3
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In the beauty world, there's been a major transition from ambiguous “clean” claims to more reliable scientific products. This evolve from greenwashing and false claims towards medical, bio-positive, tech-driven products is promising and should offer visible results. As two of the most influential industries, beauty and wellness have a chance to revolutionize consumer perspectives with advancements in science and technology. These advances can ensure sustainable supply chains while also leading to innovative solutions that could benefit everyone.

5. WELLNESS + CITIES: Urban Infrastructure Just Might Save Cities

Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 4
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For centuries, cities have changed and adapted to the needs of their citizens. However, the pandemic has revealed just how poorly many urban areas are equipped for wellbeing – with a stark reminder that there is an intimate connection between healthy city-dwellers and thriving metropolises. In response to this realization we see global cities at another pivotal moment in history; transitioning into places where wellness infrastructure is considered essential rather than luxurious.

Urban wellness infrastructures are becoming increasingly popular as a means to both stimulate growth and promote mental, physical, and social health in the wake of global pandemic-related struggles. One such example is New York City's Highline: an inspiring transformation of a disused railway line into an oasis where citizens can exercise, relax with friends, or just enjoy some natural beauty downtown. The success story has since been replicated across sixty other US cities – all proving that accurate investment yields dividends for healthier societies!

Cities of the future must embrace an infrastructure based on resident wellness if they are to remain prosperous. With this new framework, cities will bloom into vibrant places where people can live and thrive instead of merely surviving.

6. WELLNESS + WEIGHT: The Skinny on Brown Fat and Eliminating Obesity

Picture of overweight woman on white background. Woman is measuring her belly
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Today, medical and wellness professionals are uncovering new strategies to sustain our overall health for longer periods of time. Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic, has explored the positive effects that transforming white/yellow fat into beige/brown fat can have on one of the biggest global public health issues – obesity. Brown fats have far higher metabolic rate than their counterparts; burning more calories while significantly decreasing a person's risk factors associated with certain perils like heart disease, cancer, dementia etc.. This discovery could become an important development in finding longterm solutions against chronic conditions related to being overweight or obese!

Recent studies have uncovered fascinating avenues to transform white fat cells into brown ones. These include pluripotent stem cell transformation, cold therapy such as cryotherapy and drugs that encourage thermogenesis. From induced pluripotency of stem cells in a lab setting to fasting for more organic results – the possibilities are immense! And doctors now recognize how difficult it is shedding those stubborn pounds compared with gaining weight through accumulated white fat deposits.

7. WELLNESS + GOVERNMENTS: The Case for Coming Together

Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 5
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Governments across the world are increasingly looking to combat unwellness and its economic consequences with imaginative, far-reaching policies. These initiatives range from nutritious eating education programmes to financial wellbeing strategies, demonstrating a wider recognition of how physical and mental health have an impact on labor force participation levels as well as productivity.

As 2023 approaches us at full speed, we can expect governments around the globe taking action in investing in preventative wellness practices which ultimately save public money through preventing illnesses rather than curing them after they occur.

8. WELLNESS + WATER: Blue, Hot and Wild

Twelve Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 6
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After a year of staying at home, people around the world are craving ways to enjoy nature again. In 2023, they'll get their chance with an explosion in hot springs destinations and open water swimming experiences. From Australia to America and beyond, forgotten facilities will be renovated or built anew — giving wellness seekers everywhere the opportunity for some “blue therapy.” Hot springs offer an especially therapeutic escape from everyday life: allowing visitors take mandarity time-outs amidst serene natural settings like never before!

9. WELLNESS + SPORTS: New Business Models for Hospitality

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As our world continues to focus on health and wellness, savvy hospitality brands are responding by providing luxury amenities that rival those of professional athletes. With global sports market revenue projected to reach $20 billion in 2027, it's no surprise we're seeing expanded facilities and programming specifically tailored for elite or amateur teams at many hotels. Businesses who keep up with this trend will be the go-to choice for generations to come as more people look towards a lifestyle inspired by pro athletes' commitment to fitness!

10. WELLNESS + SENSES: Multisensory Integration

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Our senses are more important to wellbeing than ever before. Neuroscience and neuroaesthetics research shows that when multiple senses interact, the human experience is heightened. Nature has been multisensory for years, but until now wellness was generally limited to one sense – spa treatments focused on touch or healthy food related primarily to taste. Now brands have figured out how to bridge these divides by accessing several sensory cues at once in an effort enhance meditation practices and encourage lasting behavioral change – stimulate our sight with colour therapy as we listen soothing music all while being massaged into relaxation!

11. WELLNESS + BIOHACKING: The Wild, Wild West of Biohacking

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Biohacking is the modern take on our ancestors' attempt to improve their health and wellbeing, taking it one step further. Utilizing a range of cutting-edge technology such as AI, brain-computer interfaces or 3D tissue printing – just to name a few – biohackers are making huge strides towards providing individuals with superhuman capabilities like never before seen! By manipulating molecules or modifying genes we now have access to limitless possibilities in managing our own biology for increased longevity and enhanced performance.

 12. WELLNESS + FAITH: Having Faith in Business

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The shift in the corporate world towards including faith as part of their DEI commitments is a remarkable step forward in creating inclusive workplaces. As companies strive to prioritize purpose, employee wellbeing and overall inclusion, they are now recognizing religion's importance too and encouraging employees to celebrate it through forming official (company-sponsored) groups around what binds them together: their shared beliefs. In this way, those with different backgrounds can come together under common spiritual ground while forging an authentic atmosphere that encourages collaboration among all staff members regardless of religious identity or affiliations within society at large.

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The wellness industry is booming and is only going to continue to grow in the coming years. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which trend to incorporate into your own life. So take a look at the list and see which one speaks to you. And remember, you don't have to wait for trends to start living a healthier life! You can start today.

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