There is Nothing “Little” about Marsai Martin

If the Little Movie is any indication of what to expect from 14 year old Marshai Martin, then Hollywood better hold on to its shoes. The Little star and executive producer, exclaimed on the View just why she created it and what her future plans are. As the youngest executive producer to date, she wants to make certain that there is more diverse representation in Hollywood. It's time to change the current native of the African American woman.

I might be biased but I have been a fan of Marshai since the debut of ABC Blackish, as she holds a stark resemblance to my daughter and they seem to have the same drive for success. Marsai’s character Diane, is a smart no holds bar, feisty twin who has no problem speaking up for what she wants and in fact constantly surprises her family (they might be just a little afraid of her). At the age of ten, when most girls are playing with dolls she was creating and pitching the story of Little to NBC Universal.

There is Nothing "Little" about Marsai Martin 1
growingbig | Life in Pumps Philadelphia Advanced Screening Courtesy of Comcast NBC Universal

Little is a comedy about a woman, Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) who wakes up in the body of her teen self. As a high powered executive, Jordan Sanders will accept nothing but the best from everyone is unfortunately not very nice about it. Her assistant, April (Issa Rae) and company employees can definitely confirm this. Once she awakens as her teen self (Marsai Martin) she is forced to look at her life choices and the decisions that she made.

There is Nothing "Little" about Marsai Martin 2
growingbig | Life in Pumps Marsai Martin as little Jordan Sanders in Little, co-written and directed by Tina Gordon.

It's the perfect discussion piece for parents and kids as there are so many relevant messages in the film. No matter your age, we all want to be loved and accepted. The young Jordan (Martin) realizes quickly that her voice is undermined as she is not considered part of the “cool” crew at school. Inside she is still the high powered corporate executive and uses this to help win over the school.

There is Nothing "Little" about Marsai Martin 3
growingbig | Life in Pumps Courtesy of Comcast NBC Universal

The humor that Martin adds to the film as she portrays an adult is of no surprise as she appropriately does this often on ABC Blackish. There are so many scenes laugh out loud scenes that you will find yourself wanting more. Little opens in theaters nationwide today. Make certain to support.

Little has been rated PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned – Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13) for some suggestive content.

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