There are only a few more weeks left….

There are only a few more weeks left.... 1Over the next few weeks I will start my year end review as we get ready for 2013.  I will share the thrills, the spills and even some eye opening moments that truly changed the way I look at things.   For now, I just want to remind everyone that there are still almost THREE FULL WEEKS left in 2012.

THREE WEEKS LEFT means it is still time to call someone that you promised to re-connect with.  As people I know are dying each die, I am CONSTANTLY reminded how precious life is.

THREE WEEKS LEFT means there is still time to reconcile with someone that you love.  Whether it is your fault or their fault is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.   It is about having people in your life that are truly supportive, loving and giving no matter what is happening in your life.

THREE WEEKS LEFT means that you can still achieve several of your 2012 goals.  Whether it is eating better, living better or just making that life changing improvement, there is still time.

Don't waste the last THREE WEEKS contemplating, wondering or dreaming about what could have been.  Make it real now by taking that step to end 2012 with the excitement of reaching a goal.  And make today a Thankful Thursday.

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  1. Brandi wrote:

    Great advice! We sometimes tend to look ahead and make plans for what we are going to do when this time comes or when that time comes. The thing is, we’re here now, living and able. But tomorrow isn’t promised.

    Posted 12.13.12

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