The Best Secrets to Booking the Perfect Beach House Rental

Before diving into my secrets, always take into consideration you and your family’s needs. This will help make your search easier and less overwhelming.

A house on the beach.
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Location! Location! Location!

Beach house rentals can be pretty amazing, but the word “beach” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have oceanfront access. The truth of the matter is the closer to the ocean you go, the more expensive rental homes (condos, apartments, etc.) will be – and rightfully so. There are many other factors to location:

  • How family-friendly is the walk to the beach?
  • If you’re not close, how is the public access and parking?
  • What are the noise levels to where you’ll potentially be staying?
  • Are there entertainment options close by?
  • What kind of view will you have?

Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you look for the answers in the fine details of your search. Most properties provide this kind of information in their descriptions because they can be makers or breakers to whether or not their property will rent.

beach home rental layout
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The layout of a beach house rental may be obvious, but the secret lies in making sure it’s compatible with your family. Sadly, pictures can sometimes be deceiving, so pay attention to the minutiae of the description. Take into account how many people will be traveling with you because this is where the difference between bedrooms versus the number of beds comes into play. For example, you may read 3 bedrooms and think that’s perfect for your family of 7; however, if those bedrooms only have 1 queen size and 2 twin sized beds, ideally you’re only going to comfortably sleep 5. 

Bedroom and bathroom locations matter as well. Do you want everyone on the same level, close together, or away from any exits? How close do the bathrooms need to be in conjunction to where the bedrooms are? How many bathrooms do you need? Keep this in mind throughout your search.

Don’t forget about lounge space. How important is it for you and your family to be able to all lounge together in the living room or den? Do you want it to have ample seating, a large TV, games, etc.?

A view of the ocean from a beach home rental.
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Outdoor Space

The space outdoors is just as important as the space indoors. Decks, grills, and pools are just a few perks that can make your beach house rental everything you imagined (and some). Although you’ll most likely want to spend a lot of time at the beach, sometimes relaxing at the beach house is more ideal. Ask yourself the following as your look for your perfect spot:

  • Do we want cooking versatility (a grill)?
  • Will we spend much time outside?
  • What outdoor seating do we want (lounge chairs, layout chairs, fire pit seating, etc.)?
  • Do we want to be able to swim, have hot tub access, or the like?
beach home amenities rainy day fun game room
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Not every beach house will work for every family. There are some that are more kid and family-friendly than others. Beyond the essentials for basic everyday living, other amenities you may like (depending on your situation) are:

  • Childproof locks, gates, etc.
  • Stocked kitchen (coffee pot, cooking utensils, spices, etc.)
  • Extra beach gear
  • Hygiene products (extra toilet paper, towels, wash cloths, laundry detergent, etc.)

Check In/Out Times

While every property is different, the earlier you can check in and later you can check out is a major plus. Depending on how far you’re having to travel, it’s nice to be able to arrive and instantly check in to your beach house rental. In the event you land a perfect spot with wonky check in and out times, simply ask the owner if you can have a few extra hours tagged on to either, or both, ends. It never hurts to ask!

Making the Most of Booking the Perfect Beach House Rental

Now that you know the secrets, make the most of your vacay stay by putting the secrets to use. Give yourself plenty of time to research and find the best place to stay. Whatever you do, don’t settle, but don’t be too hard on yourself at the same time. Staying at one place doesn’t mean you have to stay there each and every time. In fact, most families like to stay in a few different places, which end up becoming their top go-to places. Lastly, don’t forget to read the reviews.

The best secrets to booking the perfect beach house.
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

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