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techjunkie-verizonThere is no avoiding technology no matter what you do. When I think about why would you want to. It is the wave of the future but the key is to manage it properly. I raise my hand to being a tech junkie family. We want the latest, greatest and the fastest. With that in mind, we could not believe that we did not have the fastest internet service available on Verizon Fios.

Prior to moving into our house, I verified that we could in fact have Verizon Fios. I had done lots of reading on its advantages and I was sold. They use lasers to send information through optical fibers directly to your home. This national fiber infrastructure feeds directly into my home so I don't share connectivity with my neighbors. The fiber optic system is delivered at the speed of lightning and being a family with multiple internet based devices, speed matters. My husband and I work from home often and nothing kills a vibe like a slow network.

A few months ago, I notice that my computer seemed to be lagging. I need to have multiple screens open at the same time and utilize several platforms. My computer is not even a year old so I knew it could not be the culprit. I decided to check my speed and that is how I learned that I needed to upgrade for the type of usage we needed.

Upgrading took minutes and the installation was so easy that I let the kids handle it. Within days, I was back to multi-tasking and allowing the kids to use their devices. Happiness was restored.

Have you checked your speed lately? If not do it today by clicking here.

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is a part of a campaign that I am participating on with #FiosPhilly but all thoughts/comments are my own.


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  1. Heather wrote:

    We upgraded this week, too!

    Posted 7.25.15

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