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Tabitha Brown is the feel-good guru of our generation. The meteoric rise and mega success that Tabitha has experienced in her life, both as an author and social media phenomenon (with over 1 million Instagram followers), make for a perfect case study on living with purposeful intentionality!

In this special sneak peek into ESSENCE Magazine's upcoming November/December holiday issue article titled “Tabitha Brown, Our Building Light” we see how she inspires people every day through love by sharing messages about peace & hope while spreading happiness all around — just like Santa would do if he were here today.

Here's what you can find in the upcoming article:

  • ON WHAT SHE HOPES HER NEW BOOK WILL GIVE TO READERS: “This one needed to come first, for inspiration, for motivation, for understanding, to help people not feel alone in whatever journey they may be in. We just lived through a pandemic, and we're still living through it. I thought, food is great, but the soul needs to be fed first…”
  • ON HELPING OUR CHILDREN: “I love children–mostly because they become us, right? And I feel like if we get to children and open their minds at an early age, help them see other children as other humans like themselves, then we have better adults later…”
  • ON HOW SHE STARTS HER MORNINGS: “I get in the mirror, and I'm like, ‘Honey, are you good?' And I answer back truthfully, but it's hard work. I do it because I need that. I need to fill myself up every day. I check in on me first, before anybody else…”

For more on pick up the November/December issue hitting stands during the holidays. (Photos, Matt Sayles) 

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