Spend Some Time With Joseph at Sight and Sound

JosephFive minutes before the play begins, the Sight and Sound Staff are rushing everyone to their seats.  The first impression is that the actors must take being interrupted really seriously.    The reality is you are about to be transformed into a different world.  For Joseph, this world was the days of the Old Testament.

The story is uniquely shared by encompassing detailed stage designs, choreographed dances, heart touching singing, live animals and actors that believe in God.   Their belief in God seems to really bring their story to life.  It felt like they wanted to portray this in such a way to move you closer to God.

Our children are our litmus test for family based activities.  Although we have told them the normal bible stories that children hear.  They've been to Sunday school to talk about how to treat people as others have treated you.   This story of Joseph in his forgiveness of his brothers inspired them.  It led them to questions that adults struggled with.   Why do people get life sentences if we are suppose to forgive them?   Why are we fighting wars instead of forgiving.  But the best part.  The ULTIMATE best part for us, was that our children wanted to learn more about God.   They wanted to come back to see more stories about God.  For that we are truly grateful.

The “old” Lancaster environment helps to sets the right environment for this gravitating play.  Depending on your show time, I would recommend making time to experience this historic environment. Sight and sound theatre is located in Lancaster County, PA minutes from Philadelphia and the Delaware border. Joseph runs until October 17, 2015 but there is always something fun and exciting happening.  We are planning to return for the Miracle of Christmas and Samson


Disclosure: I was compensation as a member of Philly Social Media Moms for this post but all opinions and comments are my own.

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