Should You Go Maskless at Disney?

Are you planning on going to Disney in the next few weeks or months? If it’s a trip you’ve been waiting for, you’re probably wondering if you should go maskless or not. While it’s an option, it depends on a few different factors, including who you’re traveling with and whether you’ve received your Covid vaccines. If you haven’t, Disney highly encourages you and your family members to continue wearing masks throughout their parks. Keep reading for other important things to consider for your next trip to Disney.

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Should You Go Maskless at Disney?

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Visiting Disney After a Pandemic

After waiting such a long time, you’re likely looking forward to going to Disney with the family and making memories. However, you’ll need to know of the changes put into place after the pandemic. While Disney had to close its doors for a bit due to Covid spreading rapidly throughout the country in 2020, the company has since made adjustments to its regulations. 

Disney’s goal has always been to provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Disney’s owners want people to have an unforgettable time while staying safe against the virus that still exists. They’re committing to keeping the area clean and sanitized as part of their efforts to keep the virus away. Disney also requests that anyone who isn’t feeling well and has a fever, chills, or cough stay home instead of coming to their parks.

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Disney’s Post-Pandemic Regulations

Disney continues to have post-pandemic regulations for guests to follow. Because it is a large area that gets crowded quickly and easily, face coverings are a must in different places for people who aren’t vaccinated. Anyone who does get vaccinated should’ve received both doses before going maskless at Disney. Besides having the unvaccinated people wearing masks in certain spots, you’ll also need to make park reservations in advance to secure your spot. The Disney Park Pass Reservation System keeps track of the park’s attendance to ensure that overcrowding doesn’t occur for the safety of all guests.

Benefits of Masks

Wearing masks can protect you from the spread of germs that can quickly occur when you’re in an area with lots of people. When you’re going to Disney with the family, you don’t know who else is there or where they’ve traveled from to get to Disney. It’s better to be safe than to put your health at risk by going maskless without receiving your vaccinations beforehand. If you are fully vaccinated, you can still choose to wear the mask for your safety. While the vaccine exists to lessen the severity of the Coronavirus, you can still get the virus if you’re not careful enough.

Benefits of Not Wearing a Mask

When you’re not wearing a mask, it’s easier to breathe freely. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for people to feel comfortable wearing a mask in warm weather. It can make you sweat, and that’s something you won’t need to deal with if you’re not wearing a mask. If you want to feel comfortable while exploring Disney and seeing all the wonderful attractions you’ve heard about over the years, you can do so maskless as long as you’re vaccinated.

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Final Thoughts

Experience the magic of Disney without stressing over masks the whole time. Going maskless to Disney is something you should talk about with your family before heading out on your vacation. If your children are too young to get vaccinated, it’s in your best interest to keep masks on them while in certain areas for their safety. Even if you’re vaccinated, you can go maskless or continue to wear the mask in different parts of the park for your protection. Remember, you can always take mask breaks in open areas where you can distance yourself and your loved ones from other guests!

Overall, it is a personal choice that everyone must make and with their best judgment. If you ever have questions about infection numbers, always check with the CDC and/or WHO for the most up-to-date information. For personal health questions, talk to your primary care physician. Now that places are beginning to open up, we can all start to feel somewhat normal again; however, there will always be a lingering concern because of the recent pandemic. Always use discretion but continue to live your life to the fullest!

Should you go maskless at Disney?
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