Remembering the 20

Remembering the 20 1My daughter turned six this year.  Over this past week 20 mommys had to bury their 6 or 7 year old child.  I cannot fathom that gut wrenching and overwhelming pain that they must feel.  With the holiday season in full swing, there are gifts for 20 children that will not reach their intended child.

In this time of national need, I think it is EXTREMELY important that the kids that are still with us feel the love that we have for them.  To do this, our family is donating 20 toys to 20 children this holiday season.  If I can just make 20 children's season a little brighter, maybe this national ache our hearts will subside just a bit.

But more is needed, you are needed.    I am asking that you do donate 20 toys to 20 children.  As a community, we have to make sure our children FEEL LOVED!  Without them growing up with that feeling that love, our world is lost.

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