Ready to Move?

20141112_123258During winter months empty nesters usually start to realize they don't need as much space while parents realize just how quaint their home is as they find no place for peace. Whatever your reason, the start of the spring season is when most homes appear on the market. Prepare to see the For Sale and Open House Signs and unless you have moved within the last five years, I promise you it will illicit a response. It's happening to me but unfortunately we are not ready to take the plunge yet but I've decided that I should start preparing just in case.


High Scores Wanted: Just like in basketball the one who scores the most is the MVP (usually) when applying for a mortgage your high score makes you one as well. Go to Annual Credit Report and see what your creditors are saying about you. Need a boost? There are credit repair companies that for a fee will work on your behalf to improve your score. It will be very important that you stop purchasing before applying for financing and continue until you have signed on the dotted line.

Research: How will you decide where to move? You will never love your house if you hate the neighborhood. It is important to determine your needs versus your wants. School district, morning commute, types of services offered. These things play a major role for resale. I've already checked the availability for internet in the areas that I am considering along with how easy it will be to reconnect. I just can't be without fast service and my DVR. You can check yours here.

Budget: Do you have a realistic idea of how much money you bring in and what goes out? This will help you get a realistic look at your debt to income ratio while saving for the cost associated with purchasing.  Remember it is more than the initial deposit. Think home inspection, rainy day fund and of course a great closet organizer for your shoes. See why I started mine here and join me on the journey.

Keep, Sell, Giveaway: This for me is the only way to purge and one of the simplest ways to make moving easier. I have to admit that I am a hoarder but while I am not as bad as the people on these shows, I do need motivation to part with things. I don't have a problem giving it away, I think I just need assurance that it is going to a good home.  Armed with my favorite bins, I can begin the process-  consider what items are truly needed, versus what is in the current home. No need to take a closet full of clothes that are never worn, boxes of children’s toys that they’ve outgrown, and furniture that just doesn’t fit. The less there is to move, the easier moving day will be.

These steps can make the transition so much easier. I only wish I followed them the first time I moved- better late than never.

Do you have any tips that make preparing to move easier?

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