Ready for the summer

Getting ready for the summer? 

It is the best of times and it is the worst of times.  I can already anticipate the thrill and excitement of our family enjoying the summer.  There will be swimming, flights, roller coasters, cotton candy, late night movies, bug catching, bike riding and even sleeping late.  But there will also be a ton of knowledge lose by not being in school.  I am not looking forward to that. Ready for the summer 1

We do homework EVERYDAY.   Just like brushing teeth in the morning and at night became routine, doing homework will as well.  This is a definite tip for any mommy with young kids.  The plan is that the kids will be over prepared for school this fall.  I don't have plans to make them competitive, but I do only expect the best of them.

I was speaking to some other moms recently about this and they disagree to the approach and actually called me “The Tiger Mom”. I laughed and gracefully accepted the name as I asked them whey they thought other countries crippled us when it came to reading and math. In most countries, kids go to school year round.  My thought is my kids don't know otherwise so why change it:)

If you would like to learn more about my approach just let me know.

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