Disclosure: I spent an afternoon at the Porsche Drive Center as part of the Girls Guide to Cars Fall Media Drive. All opinions and experiences are my own.

I have to admit that there was a time when I thought only middle aged men drove Porsche vehicles. I figured it was part of their mid-life crisis and purchasing a shiny new car was how they coped. The Porsche Experience Center definitely made sure that was something that I never thought again.

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

I arrived at the Porsche Experience Center and my “Super Powers” grew after learning that it was Avengers HQ. I just needed my cape but instead I was introduced to the Porsche in my favorite color. With a fleet of over 75 new model vehicles, I was ready to see just what these cars had to offer.

porsche experience center Atlanta 911 yellow driving program
growingbig | Life in Pumps

What I Learned While Driving a Porsche

The 90 minute drive gave me a better understanding of Porsche precision engineering and improved my skills as a driver. The performance was even better than I expected. I drove at various speeds and it hugged each curve with grace as my Porsche drive coach urged me to go even faster. These cars aren't just for the race track, the off road experience in Cayenne AWD SUV was very eye opening. I would have never thought that a luxury SUV was capable of all this.

Porsche Atlanta Simulator Lab

The simulator lab allows you to try out your skills before hitting the track. This is not your typical stimulation. Sit inside and prepare to virtually race iconic Porsche vehicles on some of the world's most famous tracks. You can feel the kick and curves as you maneuver around the track vying for first place.

porsche Atlanta stimulator track experience
growingbig | Life in Pumps Porsche Experience Center Atlanta Stimulator Lab

Who Should Spend an Afternoon at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta?

Porsche owners, soon-to-be owners or wanna-be-owners, car enthusiast, or any individual interested in enhancing their driving skills. The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, GA has something for all. There is definite truth to the brand’s tagline is “there is no substitute. The 1.6-mile state of the art development track consists of six aspects that combine to create a skill-focused challenging and purpose-built exhilarating environment filled with hands-on and fast-paced learning. This track was definitely created with the thrill of the drive in mind.

This bucket list opportunity is perfect for gift or self-giving. It definitely scratches the need for speed as the courteous staff encourages you to press the limits. Each turn provides a new feeling of euphoric as you follow your instructors lead.

The museum is an incredible historical look at Porsche and something for all sports car lovers.

porsche experience Atlanta drive and dine track
growingbig | Life in Pumps

Fuel Up- Restaurant 356

You would not hit the open road without gas so dining at Restaurant 356 is highly recommended. This posh restaurant blends in with the atmosphere of the Porsche Experience Center. Trained chefs provide contemporary American meals using fresh locally sourced, organic and sustainable, ingredients.

Restaurant 356 Porsche Experience Center Atlanta Dine and Drive
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Named after Porsche's first car, the 356, you can dine while viewing the 1.6 mile development track. The restaurant is open to the public. 356 serves lunch Tuesday – Friday, and dinner Thursday – Saturday. For reservations visit www.opentable.com or call 770-290-4356

Salmon at Restaurant 356 Porsche Experience Atlanta Dine and Drive
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Porsche education center is conveniently located near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I met two couples who flew in just to experience the track and fast cars for the day. Learn more about the driving programs offered here: http://www.porschedriving.com.

girls guide to cars porsche experience Atlanta
growingbig | Life in Pumps The Amazing Girls Guide to Cars Team


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