Philadelphia Film Society: Philadelphia’s Home for Film Lovers

With a rich and diverse history, the Philadelphia Film Society has been hosting an annual festival since 1982. The event gathers more than 25000 dedicated film lovers from all around town together at one place – it's truly an experience! Throughout this year’s eleven days you will enjoy screenings with exclusive events hosted by actors/actresses as well as directors who are guest speakers or panelists discussing their craftsmanship behind these movies along side other industry professionals.

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A world-class film festival like the Philadelphia Film Festival (PFF30) is not just a major contribution to the cultural life to the city and region, but also an invaluable resource for those in the surrounding area. With more than 100 films presented each year on average – many from international artists as well as local voices alike – this event provides opportunities that reduce barriers between different groups and fosters connections among them: gain a new perspectives about communities you may have never encountered otherwise; professionals working together towards common goals (like making better movies); and passionate supporters attending events

Philadelphia Film Society: Philadelphia’s Home for Film Lovers 1
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

PFF30 Health & Safety Regulations

For this year's Philadelphia Film Festival, all badge and ticket holders must provide proof of vaccination or else they will not be allowed in. Acceptable forms include your CDC record/card along with photo ID.

Masks are required at all times except when actively eating or drinking in the theater.


The following awards are given out at the Philadelphia Film Festival:
Audience Award 
Best Narrative Feature 
Best Documentary Feature 
Best First Feature 
Pinkenson Award for Best Local Feature Film 
Best Short Film

Upcoming Screenings

PFS Bourse Theater
Wednesday, October 27 (9:00 PM)

·      CITY CREATURES (Director Michael Johnston)

·      THE CONTRACT MUSICAL (Director Chris Cole)

·      THE FIELD TRIP (Director Mike Attie)

·      KIM (Director Maria Vattimo)

·      NO DYE (Director Yoni Azulay and Producer Zach Rineer, Actor Jeff Ayars, Writer Alex Gerhlein)

·      SEE US IN THE WILDFIRE (Director Jason Chen, Executive Producers Sophie Cécile Xu and Ayumi Perry, Director of Photography Eurica Yu, and Writer/Actor Kelly Chu

·      SISTER OF THE SOIL (Director Raishad Momar and Subjects Jeannine Cook (Owner of Harriet’s Bookshop) and Minista Jazz)

THE SAME STORM (Closing Night Film – East Coast Premiere)
Philadelphia Film Center
Friday, October 29 (6:00 PM and 8:30 PM)
Director Peter Hedges

PFS Bourse Theater
Friday, October 29 (6:45 PM)
Director Brandon Kramer, Subject Doug Copenhaver, Subject Louis Reed, local criminal justice reform leaders La Tonya Myers and Nellie Fitzpatrick


Grab tickets today by visiting https://filmadelphia.org/festival/

Regular screenings $15 | PFS Members $10
Weekday matinees (before 5 PM) $8 | PFS Members $6
Virtual Screenings $15 | PFS Members $10

FILM & AFTER PARTY: General Admission $50 | PFS Members $40
FILM ONLY TICKETS: General Admission $20 | PFS Members $15

Closing Night Tickets include …
2021 AWARDS CEREMONY | Will take place before 6 PM screening
CLOSING NIGHT AFTER PARTY: Kimmel Cultural Campus | 300 S Broad St.,Philadelphia, PA 19102

Where to Watch

You can enjoy various PFF30 titles are available online as well as at the Philadelphia Film Center, PFS Bourse Theater, and PFS Drive In at the Navy Yard, click HERE for a list of our virtual titles. 

Be Prepared

Lines form 30 minutes before the screening, but it's worth the wait. The atmosphere in front of and behind the screen becomes electric as this is a great time to start a conversation about the film. Make certain to come dressed appropriately because the weather can be unpredictable.

Don’t forget theater etiquette. Silence all phones and limit conversations once the film has begun.

Share Your Thoughts

Be an even greater part of gather magic and share your thoughts. Fill out the Audience Award ballot for each screening to let us know what films stood out this year. Winners will be announce after the Festival.

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