Pepsi and Hersheypark make the Perfect Combination

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pepsi and Hersheypark. All thoughts and opinions belong to me.#sponsored
Pepsi and Hersheypark make the Perfect Combination 1

Every park has candy…

Every park has beverages…

But ONLY the Sweetest Place On Earth has BBLz.

BBLz is a fusion of Hershey’s and Pepsi-Cola products that is just Amazing.   This special mixture is crafted by Hersheypark’s own mixologists also known as Bubble Makers.  They have designed seven unique flavors to create tastes that are not found anywhere else.  The mixtures are so unique that they are encapsulated, literally, in specially designed containers.

Opened on the 4th of July, BBLz is only feet away from the Hershey Triple Tower. BBLz is a new one-of- a-kind immersive beverage experience that mixes different flavor combinations and textures to create unique whimsical beverages.  The flavor combinations will have you wanting to try each and every one between rides at Hersheypark.

Pepsi and Hersheypark make the Perfect Combination 4

I was so torn between the Fizzy Flapjack and the Birthday Kiss. The Fizzy Flapjack has bacon- yes bacon and the only reason I eat meat is because of my love for Bacon. I however decided to try the Birthday Kiss because the Hershey's kisses are one of my favorites.  I never doubted that my daughter would choose the Laffiing Lime because it combined her two favorite ingredients/flavors- cotton candy and lime.  My son’s eyes lit up when he read the ingredients of the Melon Baller. Jolly Ranchers are his after sport treat most days. Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful treat and having one is just not enough.

Pepsi and Hersheypark make the Perfect Combination 5

Watching the Bubble Makers was almost as fun as eating it. They put so much care in making it just right. I promise you that it is impossible to watch without wanting to try. The low price of $6.99 means you can buy more than one.


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