No Mo Chemo Year Two

imageOn this day in 2014, I was preparing to head to the University of Pennsylvania for my final chemotherapy infusion. I was scared and excited all at once. Scared that this was it and I had no idea what would happen but excited that the poison no longer needed to run through my veins. The journey definitely made me stronger and gave me a new appreciation of life.

My hospital had no special ceremony or bell to ring so I created my own. When I think back on it, I feel like they slighted me or maybe because they are consumed with cancer everyday that they can't understand just how important it is to ring that bell. I plan to change that. I have already spoken with the center about creating a ceremony and I will have a bell installed.

Today, I will ring my bell as I say Thank You God for saving me. I don't take much for granted especially after so many thrivers gained their wings this year.

If you know someone with a chemoversary make certain to congratulate them!


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  1. Diana wrote:

    I can’t even imagine how hard it is to go through chemotherapy. I’m happy to hear you recovered and are doing something that will lift the spirits of others.

    Posted 1.18.16

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