Mommy the kids keep picking with me….

The thought that someone would “pick with” my children disturbs me.  Yet I know today, like every other day, someone is being bullied.  Growing up, I honestly don't remember being a bully or being bullied, but I can say I did not stop it from happening as much as I could have.  I do strongly believe that kids are not bad, but can easily be influenced to make bad decisions.

Mommy the kids keep picking with me…. 1We have to collectively make an effort to educate our children.  They need to be comfortable enough to let us or someone in authority know when they are being “picked with.”  In doing this, we also need to make sure we are not creating little bullies.  I think about parents that try to intimidate others in front of their children.  Or little comments that about someone that may seem innocent, but could have just biased a child toward an entire group of people.  It is imperative that we show people how to treat people through the actions we take on an ongoing basis.

Something that could help, for older children, is to review this recent video of a bullied child.  Try your best to have an open and honest discussion about being on both sides of bullying. Click here to review the video of being bullied….

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  1. Melissa Tate wrote:

    Research shows that kids that are bullied at home are more likely to bully at school. Bullies have immature social skills, are often raised in permissive homes, and/or homes with inconsistent discipline measures. Bullies lack compassion and empathy. These are all things that begin in the child rearing process. If you notice some bullying behaviors in your child that concern you, you gotta start with the man/woman in the mirror. Social skills start at home.

    Posted 2.2.11
    • Gloriane wrote:

      Frknaly I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

      Posted 6.26.11
      • Jenita wrote:

        No quetison this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

        Posted 9.10.11
  2. I can’t even imagine hearing that my child is being bullied either, I was the one that always protected the geeks that got picked on so I’m hoping my son falls into the same roll. This has to stop, it’s getting too ridiculous.

    Posted 2.3.11
    • Symona wrote:

      Wow, that’s a really clever way of tnhiking about it!

      Posted 6.26.11
  3. Shelly wrote:

    This is a great article! We lived in a very small town when my children were school aged so all the kids knew each other. There really wasn’t much bullying, but I can remember the bullying in school when I went.
    thank you for sharing this! I hope someone finds a solution for this problem quick.

    Posted 2.3.11

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