Mixed-ish- Is it DVR Worthy?

My DVR is always in use constantly because I am a confirmed TV junkie and I want to see it all which is impossible. There are also shows that I like to rewatch with the family. Black-ish is one of those shows and not just because Marsai and my daughter could be twins but because the lessons often make great dinner conversation. Now we have a new show- Mixed-ish

Mixed-ish, the Black-ish spin off debuted on Tuesday, September 24th and I could not wait to check it out. I have to admit that I had my concerns as the characters did not fit with the idea that I had of Bow.

Mixed-ish- Is it DVR Worthy? 1
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On black-ish, Anna Deavere Smith, a fair-skinned actress, plays Bow’s mother, and on “Mixed-ish” Tika Sumpter, a darker-skinned actress plays the mom. The internet was talking and lots of us were side eyeing this.

Mixed-ish shows what life was like for Rainbow Johnson (Traces Ellis Ross) once the family decided to leave the commune. The show depicts the constant battle that they faced trying maintain their identity in a new environment- the suburbs.

The new neighborhood did not send out the welcome wagon for Bow (Arrica Himmel), her parents, Paul (Mark Paul Gosselaar) and Alicia (Tika Sumpter) or her younger siblings Johan (Ethan William Childress) and Santamonica (Mykal-Michelle Harris) and quickly learns about biracial identity.

Created by Kenya Barris, Peter Saji, and Traces Ellis Ross this show was well received and DVR worthy!

I'm glad that I will not be the only person with a DVR on overload. Here are a look at my favorite characters.

Santamonica has stolen everyones heart and yes, she knows that being an idiot is no good.


Aunt Dee, Denise (Christina Anthony) will make certain that they never lose sight of their black side.

I enjoyed the first episode and can't wait to see what future episodes reveal. I anticipate that they will take a deep dive in to the challenges and privileges of being biracial.

“Mixed-ish”airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on ABC.  Running time: 30 minutes

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  1. Tiffany wrote:

    I thought it was eye-opening and funny at the same time. Inside the house is not the same as outside the house. Tika is cool but I don’t see her as the mother. I will continue to watch, I love the message.

    Posted 9.26.19

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