McMobile is Life and Gold!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Network Niche Influencer Agency and McDonald's.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that high school sports never end? I feel like one season ends and we just roll into the other. My son loves this but as I mom, I need a break but it’s hard. We never want to disappoint our kids and we want them to give it their all, which involves a commitment from not only them but the family.

McMobile is Life and Gold! 1

McMobile is Life and Gold! 2

I have coined myself as the “mom uber” because so much of my time is spent running between practices. I am pretty certain that I spend more time in the car than I do in my house so when it comes to food convenience is sometimes the winner. My son gets in the car and the first thing he asks is “what’s to eat” and after a five-hour practice, I know I need to feed him fast but I don’t have time to wait in long lines. The McDonald’s app allows me to avoid the hassle.

McMobile is Life and Gold! 3

McDonald’s is building a better McDonald’s. Innovation and technology are at the center of this transformation- from McDelivery to kiosks and digital menu boards in the restaurants.  The Mobile Order & Pay is designed for those who want to raise the bar. No need to wait until you arrive at the restaurant to order. You can start the order, select the location and then decide if you want to pick up curbside, inside the restaurant, or the drive thru. You never have to worry about your food being cold as McDonald’s uses geofencing technology to know when you are near to determine when to start preparing the food. No one wants cold fries!

McMobile is Life and Gold! 4

The McDonald’s app allows you to not only save time but money. Using the app, you can see what deals and/or freebies are available. I have able to get a free fries, sandwiches and other items with purchase and with my growing son, this is a big win!

McMobile is Life and Gold! 5

The McGold card!

Have you heard about the McGold card? Legend has it that a McGold card exist.  This card grants its owner free McDonald's for life. Very few exclusive VIPs have gotten their hand on one and you can be one of them ! You heard me, free french fries and apple pie for life.  To enter just download McDonald's app and place an order via Mobile Order & Pay from August 10 to August 24 for a chance to win. You gain an entry every time you use Mobile Order & Pay. Rules and other information can be found here. There in no purchase necessary.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Network Niche Influencer Agency and McDonald's. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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