Let’s Talk About Motherhood

Spent a fun afternoon celebrating motherhood with the View cohost, Abby Huntsman and Strahan and Sara cohost, Sara Haines. Both women are pregnant and will quickly become moms of three. The backstage of the View was transformed into a baby shower complete with delicious food, gifts and games.

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During a “guess who answered” game, it was fun to learn more about the cohosts as they revealed their cravings, parenting styles and who they revealed their pregnancies to first. They both confessed the joy they receive from a simple foot massage and even suggested their favorite places.

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In a room filled with mothers, we shared candid conversations about that piece of motherhood that no one seems to tell you about. You know when that euphoric feeling doesn't arrive after delivery. Sara Haines disclosed that she didn't have that feeling that everyone describes in their Instagram post. Lack of an instant declaration of love caused her to look at her husband and say, ‘I don't feel any of that.' And I was so scared.” Through teary eyes, she exclaimed how she felt broken and shared a different perspective of postpartum depression. “I think people think that postpartum means you didn't like the baby. Because every story you hear and every movie you see, they want to hurt the baby, and I didn't think any of this, I just thought the baby would be better off without me.”

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Abby Hunstman added how frankly, “We need to talk about these things more.” This often unspoken issue is why so many women suffer alone and in silence. Ashamed that people will judge them because of how they feel and scared because they can't give the baby back.

Both women share how grateful they are for their support system and admits that it starts with asking for help and realizing that you aren't perfect. Abby Huntsman embarrassingly admitted that she caught her daughter sitting Indian style eating dog food and later ate cookies for breakfast.

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growingbig | Life in Pumps (ABC News/Paula Lobo)

When asked how they were preparing to be outnumbered, both admittedly hadn't considered it that way but are prepared to really enjoy everything that comes along with having new babies. I think they're ready!

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growingbig | Life in Pumps (ABC News/Paula Lobo)

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