Kids Will Eat What They Pick

Kids Will Eat What They Pick 1A fellow Philly Social Media Mom, Carrie of Making Lemonade organized a tour of  The Longview Center for Agriculture (formerly Willow Creek Orchards). This Greener Partner project consists of 90 acres of certified organic farmland, including an organic fruit orchard and an on-site Farmer’s Market, the Longview Center serves as a regional hub for reconnecting with the land, our community and the food that sustains us.

The set up of this farm was simply breath taken. I have been cleaning up what goes into my family's mouth and I try to only give them food that are natural so being on this farm felt wonderful. The farmer guided us on a tour and really explained the process for growingKids Will Eat What They Pick 2 sustainable foods.


Kids Will Eat What They Pick 3

The children loved the demonstration garden as they were able to sample all that was there and surprisingly they did. My son is a picky but healthy eater and even he ate fruits and veggies off the vine.  The joy of this farm is all the things that can be learned by stopping by.  Driving home was such a treat as the kids talked about all they saw. My son the nature buff, could not stop talking about how they welcomed the bugs to the crops and also how they rarely cut the grass to allow the bacteria to stay in the ground. The princess was excited about the Sun Gold Tomatoes.

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Kids Will Eat What They Pick 5Kids Will Eat What They Pick 6

Make Sure  You Go:

The Longview Center for Agriculture Market

3215 Stump Hall Road
Collegeville, PA 19426
Market phone: 610-584-8202

The Longview Market is open 7 days per week with the following hours:
Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6:30 pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

Kids Will Eat What They Pick 7They have lots of programs and events perfect for all ages. Check out the schedule here. Maybe we will see you at a class:)


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  1. It sounds like a fun day : ) I love Philly Social Media Moms. Your boys are so cute.

    Posted 8.3.11
    • Viney wrote:

      Just what the doctor ordered, tahiknty you!

      Posted 9.8.11
    • Char wrote:

      I’m so glad that the internet allwos free info like this!

      Posted 9.10.11
  2. mrsrkfj wrote:

    Great post. I’m ready to load the family and make a visit. Sounds like fun.

    Posted 8.3.11
    • Sunny wrote:

      YMMD with that asnwer! TX

      Posted 9.9.11
  3. We had so much fun there! What a neat place!

    Posted 8.3.11
  4. I remember your son’s enthusiasm for the bugs!

    It was great meeting you, and I hope to see you at more events.

    Posted 8.4.11
    • Reignbeau wrote:

      Full of slaniet points. Don’t stop believing or writing!

      Posted 9.9.11
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    • Jory wrote:

      At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for psotnig!

      Posted 9.10.11
  5. Carrie wrote:

    Your kids were both so cute, and your son especially outgoing and interested in all the things he saw. It was great to meet you and I hope you get to see you at another Longview event soon!

    Posted 8.4.11
    • Chasmine wrote:

      Hey, that post leaves me feeling foioslh. Kudos to you!

      Posted 9.8.11
    • Shorty wrote:

      Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve chreeed me up!

      Posted 9.10.11
  6. Nichole wrote:

    It really was a lovely day and I’m so glad Carrie introduced us to this gem. We might go to the Mater & Tater fest in a few weeks too.

    Posted 8.4.11
    • Jacalyn wrote:

      If informaiton were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

      Posted 9.9.11
  7. Champ wrote:

    There is a critical shortage of informative artciels like this.

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    Articles like this are an example of quick, hepflul answers.

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