Kid Who Would Be King Review

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I must admit that my family is as finicky about movies as they are about food.   If it doesn't have the right ingredients they will literally turn off.  My husband will go to sleep, my son will zone off to lacrosse world and my daughter will just plot on the next book she'll read.  The movie, set entirely in Great Britain, which was new for all of us as well just found a way to touch each of us in a unique way.

kid who would be king
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Seeing this classic, King Arthur story through the eyes of children her age, including having a young black woman heroin, truly touched my daughter.  This was the first time she's ask for a souvenir from a movie that didn't sit in my car for months. There was just something special and unexpected to the story, that touch on core human values.  The children quickly learn about the importance of standing together to change the world and that chivalry is something that should always be observed. 

Kid Who Would Be King Review 1
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Alex (Ashbourne Serkis), and his cohorts, faced adult sized problems while still young in their lives.   The movie repeatedly focused on the importance of an ethical character.  The constant reminders of the importance of being honest and truthful, while preserving toward your goal is the only way to truly be successful.  I was directly touched by the sacrifices the mother made to shield Arthur from the frightening world of reality.  This film reminded me, that just like I want the full truth from our children, I too must provide them the full truth.

This will be a classic movie for middle school children. 

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