It’s Above Your Pay Grade #ScandalFriday

Photo courtesy theroot.com
Photo courtesy theroot.com

The winter season of ABCs hottest show, Scandal, ended yesterday and most of America was glued to their televisions.  If you are like me,  you have to DVR any show that starts after nine which is when my body starts to time out.  Hence the phrase #Scandal Friday.

I expected to be constantly talking to the TV and sitting on the edge of my seat but this episode did very little of that. My favorite scene was between the President and Poppa Pope. I wanted to cue the music after Eli recited the President's golden spoon life story without blinking an eye. The philandering with Olivia has a new meaning but I still don't like it!

Here are my top five things that you make you go hmm from last night:

  1. If you don't have a friend that you can call after “sinning”, you need better friends.
  2. Men are not team players. Daniel Douglas proved that.
  3. Men sleep their way to the top also. Congrats on your new job James and please stop packing your bags.
  4. Dentals plans are over rated.
  5. Before you call me out my name and discuss my pay grade make certain that your job is secure.  Are Jake and Fitz really in charge? Sounds like payback from the President to keep Jake away from his girl and Poppa Pope from calling him a boy.

Are you a gladiator? What were you thoughts on the show?

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