It’s A Winter Wonderland

It's A Winter Wonderland 1 The Northeast was blanketed by a Winter Wonderland today. The thundersnow was completely unexpected and took almost everyone by surprise.

What is a thundersnow you ask? It is a rare occurrence where which snow falls, instead of rain. Sometimes, a mixture of snow and rain falls, creating what could more accurately be termed a thundersleet. Less than one percent of thunderstorms are thundersnows, and the bulk appear around March, when weather conditions appear to be most ripe for these unusual thunderstorms. As anyone who has been in a thundersnow can attest, it is quite a sight.

I thought I heard thunder last night but thought maybe it was cabin fever. I am by no means a homebody so it is time to go out and play. Snow can be a lot of fun to play in! Don't use the excuse “It's too cold!” Get out there and have fun! It's A Winter Wonderland 2

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    Superbly illumnitanig data here, thanks!

    Posted 6.26.11
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      If you’re radenig this, you’re all set, pardner!

      Posted 9.8.11

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