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This picture was floating around Facebook today and there were a range of comments as you could imagine. I laughed when I saw it and then later wondered if I would want the world to see me sitting on a toilet.

Ironically this is the life of a mom. Privacy as you know it is over. I can remember these times well and when I attempted to close the door there would be little hands underneath clawing for me. As the kids got older, they started just opening the door and still do so today no matter how many conversations we have about privacy. They understand that they need privacy but not me as they have signs on their doors that say “Knock Before You Enter”. Maybe I should try this also.

Back to the picture, it's kind of gross that you would nurse your child while going potty. Now knowing the full story, I hope that she was done doing her “business” when the baby busted in and grabbed her food. Or maybe she was having bowel issues that resulted in her being the bathroom longer than expected and did not want the child to be off schedule.

What are your thoughts?  What is the craziest place that you have ever breastfed? No judgements:)

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  1. Lesa wrote:

    I breastfeed in the mall a lot. I know it’s not really a crazy place, especially since I usually try to find a quiet area. However, it is common. I think with having kids with a large age gap, I will never have any privacy…ever

    Posted 4.22.15
  2. Crystal Hazzard wrote:

    I breast-fed in public… in the restaurant and in church never on the toilet but I definitely don’t judge any mother who is taking care of her child. I love this picture because it really captures how we don’t get to really own our lives once we become Mommys.

    Posted 4.22.15

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