If you didn’t know, I have another kid.


Yes its true.  Although my oldest sister gave birth to her, she is clearly my child.  And I am proud that my daughter/niece has now grown into a beautiful and intelligent young woman.  I am proud that she has taken life, especially her education, so seriously.   I am proud that although she has grown significantly, she has not lost that inner spirit that keeps her safe from all the world's ailments.

This is just a very special time for me, my daughter/niece and the rest of my family.    I am a PROUD MOMMY!  My little girl, that I watched come into this world is now a high school senior.  DAMN TIME GOES BY FAST!!!!!

I am grateful that we are in the active planning stages of finalizing which university she 427027_10151258767530652_539460651_22763710_1392167775_nwill attend.  If you have any recommendations or great connects at schools, please let me know.


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