Have you seen this?

I thought maybe this a trailer for the next Robocop movie when I saw this officer literally roll on the ground as he was attempting to chase a group of teens. He however ended up looking like Paul Blart in the movie “Mall Cop” but unfortunately there was nothing funny about this video. It was yet another reason why African-American kids don't trust the police.  While we have no idea what information was communicated when the 911 called was placed, it is obvious to see that this cop was out to prove something. The other officers on the scene appear calm while he is irrational and over zealous. He pulled his gun to show his power in a crowd of teens, cursed out another group during what I guess he thought was counseling and then wrestled a half-dressed teen girl to the ground.

The officer has been suspended pending an investigation but that is truly not enough. This epidemic is widespread and we must do something to affect change. I have spoken to my son about how to respond to police officers but it seems that some officers need training on how to talk to kids. We want to believe that this is an isolated incident but almost every week something appears on my Facebook timeline that says other wise. What can we do to show that #BlackLivesMatter?

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