Have you considered adoption?

adopt-us-kids-logoI was enjoying a few hours of rest this morning while breakfast was being prepared.  During a Law & Order, a commercial came on about adoption.  This had to be one of the most touching commercials that I have seen in years.  It truly invoked a feeling of wanting to help immediately.

I thought back to a Mocha Mom event I attended a few years ago.   There was a speaker there speaking about adoption.  Her and I had a very good discussion about being an adoptive parent.  I know for sure child birth is over for me, but maybe one day we can open our home to adopting a child that can help us learn to love more as we help them grow into a productive adult.

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  1. You are very generous to consider opening your home to an adopted child. I have my hands full with my four so adoption never crosses my mind. I have seveeal friends who have adopted children and are happier for having done so.

    Posted 2.6.13

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