Hackers Beware, I’ve Got Freedome

Remember the popular Rockwell song, “Somebody's Watching Me”? There is serious truth to this song. Think about the last time you searched for something on your computer only to have that same item or webpage show up again in your side bar or on a different website. This is especially scary when out and using a hotspot. You have no way of knowing who is attempting to access your information. Until today.

Freedome VPN is an online privacy and security app. It allows you to appear invisible online so you don't have the fear of being tracked. The app even alerts you to any tracking attempts that have been blocked. I added to my phone and with less than one hour discovered that I had 285 tracking attempts blocked.


Declare your Freedome here and use this 90 day code (qsf257) to truly experience all it has to offer. Let me know your thoughts and how many hackers you block.

Disclosure: I am a Freedome ambassador. All comments and opinions are my own. I am being compensated for sharing this information.

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