Fun Times with Groupon

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It's Friday night and you didn't just get paid. Your bank account is low but you want to go have some fun. Does this sound familiar?

Maybe, you are cheap like me and want caviar for the price of canned meat. If you don't subscribe to Groupon, then you are leaving so much money on the table.  I get a daily email with all that is available in my area and I subscribe to areas that I often frequent.  I think it is a great way to explore new places and get a deal on some of your favorites.  Click Here to check out all that is available right now.


Need Ideas?

Girls Night Out: Who doesn't love hanging out with friends. The problem is our budgets don't always allow it.

Girls Night Out

Date Night: I always say I am the type of foodie that makes a great reservation:) Groupon allows me to plan fun date nights. Many times the suggestions are ones that I did not think of. I recently saw a Groupon for Zip-lining and I am considering it.

Date Night Laughs

Family Fun: My kids love being on the go so rarely do we have repeated days where we sit at home and do nothing. I love that Groupon can keep us busy without damaging my family entertainment budget. We used a Groupon for Get Air and the kids are hooked. I love that it is great exercise and I basically  got a 2 for 1 deal.

Get Air- Liza Foam Blocks

Just Me: There are options that allow you to enjoy your own company or you can network.

We are fans of Groupon because it suits our family and budget. have you used a Groupon lately?

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