Get Storm Ready

Every news channel is reporting that our first official storm is heading this way. Storm warnings and closures have been issued for Storm Jonas due to the expected zero visibility, intense winds and a high amount of snowfall. Jonas is stated to affect over 50 million people with a stretched reach from Florida to New England.  The National Weather Service Director, Louis Uccellini, stated that this potentially paralyzing storm is life threatening and could bring one of the top ten snow falls on record.  The graph below shows data from the worst US storms since 1980, let's hope Jonas is not added.

The DC, Maryland, Virginia area experienced a  small taste on Wednesday and they were completely unprepared. The Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, issued a quick apology as a result of the slippery commute home that even affected President Obama's motorcade.  Many experienced 3-4 hour commutes home on what is normally 30-40 minutes. Roads are now being treated and storm warnings issued but what should you do to prepare.

Stock Pile

There is no need to run to the market and buy 8 gallons of milk, ten loaves of bread and all the eggs your cart can carry unless that is how your family eats. We are not experiencing a famine, there will be more.  If you shop on a weekly basis then get what you would normally get with a few extras. Bottled water is an exception because hopefully it will encourage you to drink up. In most cities, after a few days we are back to normal.


This is something that having extra causes no harm. Ideally you want to keep some in your car for emergencies and as the snow melts and freezes you will use often.  Stores are running out and if yours does get kitty litter or sand. The sand is easier to clean up  and I have also heard that beet juice can do the trick.

Emergency Home Kit

Get Storm Ready 1
Get Storm Ready 2

This kit is perfect for home and the car. I would probably add more non-perishable food. If you prefer to make your own make certain to include some must haves. Flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, water, solar or regular blankets, baby wipes, duct tape, extra portable cell phone chargers etc.  Make certain everyone knows where the kits lives.


Get Storm Ready 3
Get Storm Ready 4

If I had to shovel, this would be a must but luckily my other half and kids handle this.

Get Storm Ready 5
Get Storm Ready 6

This is perfect for the person who likes the manual labor. Remember to lift with your knees.

These few things should get you ready. Stay tuned as I bring you some other must haves.

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