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FOCUSED on a mission 1Living within a large metropolitan area gives you an unfiltered view to children caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those scared straight television programs do not over exaggerate the problems that exist with our youth. In Pennsylvania, if you are “with” someone committing a crime it is very hard not to be associated with that crime. So what's the issue? Why do so many of our children get caught in these terrible positions? TOO MUCH TIME and not enough to do.

My goal is to keep my children well educated, well engaged and fully exhausted EVERY DAY. Did I mention everyday? Yes, we have a full agenda. I would strongly advise each Mommy to make an effort to develop a schedule that you can live by. Our children are not bad or mischievous on purpose, but they can become bored when they are not challenged in the right way.

    Here is a sample agenda for 7 days a week

1) Wake up and wash up
2) Chat and Chew Breakfast
3) Get ready for the day and get out of the house
4) Activity 1
5) Activity 2
6) Cool down and refresh Lunch
7) Activity 3
8) Study, Read, Homework (everyday, even if you have to create your own work for them)
9) Settle down and relax Dinner
10) Clean up and wash up
11) Read and Goodnight.

What we have found, as many childhood psychologist would attest to, is that children work better with some type of structure. It doesn't need to be a set regiment per se, but it does need to exist for 7 days a week. Based on the structure above you can make it fun and use your imagination to keep it interesting and flexible.

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