“Don’t Let Go” Is More Than You Think

Imagine if you could go back in time and change the outcome of something extremely traumatic? Don't Let Go, gives you a glimpse of what could happen.

Don't Let Go Movie Poster
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Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo) a Los Angeles detective receives a troubling call from his niece Ashley (Storm Reid). He rushes to the house to discover that Ashley and her parents have been mysteriously murdered. Jack has always been Ashley's protector and they have a very close relationship, so his entire world is shaken by this discovery. Jack is empty. Jack is lost. And then Ashley starts ringing his mobile phone. How can this be?

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Has his grief taken over? Has he lost his mind? Jack scrambles to uncover if this is real. It's almost as if God heard his cries; “I pray that God will give me a second chance.” He immediately replays the last few weeks in his mind. Did he miss the signs that this murder was imminent?His brother had a shaky past but was on a new path or so he thought. Did Ashley hold the answers and was she trying to tell him during a call for help?

Don't Let Go Movie Ashley and Jack
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Although a slow start, the movie quickly picks up and will have you second guessing yourself. Every few minutes, I wanted to declare that I knew who the murderer was but another clue would quickly changed my mind. The storyline is enjoyable with the right amount of suspense and action. You can expect violence and death as the plot repeats in multiple views. The movie slightly parallels, Frequency with Dennis Quaid except you are not certain what causes this time lapse but you will watching the clock as he runs out of time. The lead actors have great chemistry despite not actually being “together” in most of the movie.

This movie is perfect for those who enjoy sci-fi with a mix of suspense.

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