Disney Dreamers Academy Celebrates 100 High School Students in a Fairytale Experience!

Walt Disney World Resort is the stage for an extraordinary four-day voyage of imagination and inspiration, as the Disney Dreamers Academy welcomed 100 high school students from across the country for a life-changing event. These students will embark on a magical ride, not just through Magic Kingdom, but on a personal development adventure that promises to shape their futures.

The Kick Off

Disney Dreamers Academy celebrates 17 years of empowering youth to achieve their dreams at Walt Disney World. The Kickoff event featured a performance with Drum Major Mickey and members of the Divine Nine fraternities. Words of wisdom were provided from Disney Dreamers Academy Executive Champion Tracey Powell and Disney Dreamers Academy alumnus Princeton Parker. Special performance by Kissy Simmons and the introduction of the 2024-2025 Walt DIsney World Ambassadors, Serena Arvizu and Shannon Smith-Conrad  got the students excited for the week ahead.

Disney Dreamers Academy Celebrates 100 High School Students in a Fairytale Experience! 1
Mark Ashman, photographer Disney Dreamers Academy “DREAMbassador,” Dara Reneé, best known for her role in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,’ was the headliner at welcome celebration at Disney Dreamers Academy at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on April 4, 2024. Renee also took part in festive parade with the students at Magic Kingdom Park to kick off the five-day event. (Mark Ashman, photographer)

The 2024 Disney DREAMbassador

Meet Dara Reneé, the talented actress best known for her role as Kourtney in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' on Disney+. She is now stepping into the role of the program's “DREAMbassador,” offering mentorship and support to students. Drawing from her own journey as an actor, singer, and dancer, Reneé will share personal insights on chasing dreams in the entertainment industry. With appearances in popular shows like ‘Black-ish' and ‘Grey's Anatomy,' she is set to shine in the upcoming Disney Original movie ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red on Disney+ this summer!

As the world continues to evolve, it's more important than ever for young individuals to have role models who inspire and empower them. Reneé is a perfect example of someone who has worked hard to achieve her dreams and is now using her platform to give back and help others do the same.

Through her mentorship at the Dreamers Academy, Reneé will not only provide practical advice and guidance, but also be a source of motivation and encouragement for attendees. She understands the challenges and obstacles that young individuals face in pursuing their dreams, and her experience should inspire them.

Disney Dreamers Academy Celebrates 100 High School Students in a Fairytale Experience! 2
Mark Ashman, photographer Actress and performer Dara Reneé, Disney executive Tracy Powell and Disney's Princess Tiana ride in the grand marshal vehicle alongside aspiring engineering student Sophia Halm, one of the 100 teens participating in Disney Dreamers Academy 2024 at Walt Disney World Resort on April 4, 2024, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Mark Ashman, photographer)

The students from 26 states participated in the parade on Main Street in Magic Kingdom to a cheering crowd led by Princess Tiana, Tracey Powell, Dara Renee’ and student Sophia Halm.

The Dreamers Academy is not just a typical weekend event, it's an opportunity for young individuals to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help them reach their goals. With workshops focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, and entertainment industry insights, attendees are able to learn from experts in different fields and expand their horizons..

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One of the most exciting aspects of the academy is the chance to be mentored by successful celebrities and industry leaders. These mentors not only share their personal stories and experiences, but also provide invaluable advice and guidance on how to navigate the competitive world of entertainment.

In addition to workshops and mentorship sessions, attendees also have the chance to explore Disney World and its theme parks. This allows for a unique blend of fun, creativity, and learning, making the Dreamers Academy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Disclosure: The Walt Disney Company provided the travel and accommodations for Disney Dreamers Academy. Disney did not review or approve any of our coverage.

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