Deadpool Just Smacked Me

imageI felt like I was smaked across my face last night when seeing the new Marvel movie Deadpool.   It was an Oh Sh*t moment, that required the right parental decision.  Do I leave, and try to rationalize why we needed to leave?  Do I stay, and try to explain the positive and negative aspects of violence, alcohol and sex?   I was just like WTF, a warning of the sexual content would have been great.

 I am a parent at a crossroad.  I suggested that we go out to a movie expecting surely he wants to see Panda 3.  Nope, that kid is gone.  He is moving out of the naive child world and I was drafted into watching something I just was not ready to watch with my pre-teen.   In the opening credits alone, I knew I was out of my own element.  There were quirky jokes that seemed to entertain the majority of the packed audience.  Although humorous they weren’t a LMAO type of funny that my movie comrades adopted.

If my daughter was with us, we would have left straight away, but I know he is growing up so I made a parent decision to see how mature he truly was.    There were moments that he covered his own eyes, not because of what HE was seeing per se, but we all can relate to how awkward it is to watch sexually explicit movies with our parents.  And THIS is a sexually explicit movie that should be rated MA and not R.  And in one particular scene that I had to cover his eyes on, even my husband and I don’t get down like THAT!

This is not the traditional Marvel movie full of heroism, stand and fight for right or pseudo racial equality innuendoes.  This movie is for the Marvel fanatic that could not wait for this year to start given the next few years of the Marvel movie takeover agenda.    If you are not a Marvel fan or do not know what the X in X-men stands for, this was not made for you.  But if you still have your comic books from your childhood, you are in for a real life treat with the theatrics and animation that have truly come to life on the screen.

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